Communication with Society

11.02.2019. 15:48

The framework document for the EU communication (2006 – 2011) determines the need to improve the EU communication and enhance the knowledge of society regarding their opportunities, rights and responsibilities within the EU.
In order to reach this goal the government has set three main objectives:

  1. informing society on the EU, enhancing society’s involvement in the EU discussions and ensuring feedback to the government,
  2. creating an effective coordination framework for the government’s communication with society on the EU,
  3. increasing capacity of the information communicators (European Union Information Points, social partners, non-governmental organisations, teachers, lecturers, librarians and mass media) and coordinating their activities.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been in charge of the EU communication since 1 January 2010. The Ministry informs society, promotes discussions on the EU and Latvia’s membership in it, coordinates communication activities of the line ministries and involves other EU communicators in the activities.

The main tools for implementing these objectives are the following:

  • Management Partnership agreement;
  • European Union Information library;
  • Cooperation with the regional EU Information Points;

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs collaborates with the State Chancellery and line ministries, the European Parliament office and the European Commission Representation in Latvia, the EU Information Points, the Europe Direct information points, social partners, non-governmental organizations and other communicators.