Useful information on where to apply for development cooperation funding

In 2022, upon expanding the functions of the Central Finance and Contracts Agency (CFLA), operations were launched by the Development Cooperation Agency of Latvia established under the guidance of the MFA. The main task of the new agency is to promote participation of the implementers of the Latvian development cooperation projects in projects financed by international aid donors.

In the summer of 2023, the Agency initiated an independent external audit to receive a positive assessment from the European Commission. This will allow Latvia to take charge of the Commission’s development cooperation projects as the lead partner without intermediaries. This means that the Agency as the lead partner will be able to implement delegated cooperation or so-called “indirect management” projects. Currently, Latvia does not have any institution with such an assessment from the Commission.

Development Cooperation Agency of Latvia (CFLA)

Development Cooperation Department
telephone: +371 29646106

Other opportunities to apply for EU development cooperation funding

The websites of the European Union Delegations to the Eastern Partnership and Central Asian states provide information on tenders and grant competitions on their “Opportunities” pages, specifying local and international calls for proposals.

Eastern Partnership countries

Central Asian countries

EU Delegation to Armenia

EU Delegation to Kazakhstan

EU Delegation to Azerbaijan

EU Delegation to Kyrgyzstan

EU Delegation to Belarus

EU Delegation to Tajikistan

EU Delegation to Georgia

EU Delegation to Turkmenistan

EU Delegation to Moldova

EU Delegation to Uzbekistan

EU Delegation to Ukraine


See information on Twinning and TAIEX projects on the website of the Ministry of Finance.

  • The joint UN procurement system United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM)offers information on all UN procurement opportunities (easy registration (basic – level 1 – level 2) makes it possible to apply for various tenders).
  • The UN Development Programme procurement systemUnited Nations Development Programme (UNDP)Procurement opportunities are on also announced on UNGM; however, application process itself for UNDP tenders goes through this system.