A birth, marriage or a death certificate can be requested online via The Latvian State Portal.

Requesting documents from public institutions in Latvia

Civil Registry Department of the Ministry of Justice (civil status documents, multilingual language forms and reference statements)



Ministry of Justice (a certificate concerning judgments in matrimonial matters specified in the Article 39 of Council Regulation (EC) No 2201/2003)



Information Centre of the Ministry of Interior  (Certificate on (non-) criminal record) https://www.ic.iem.gov.lv

Sworn Notary (judgements on divorce if the marriage is divorced at the sworn notary – to the respective sworn notary who has divorced the marriage


Court (judgements on divorce, if the marriage is divorced at the court – to the respective court where the marriage has been divorced).


National Archives (reference statements on the length of service, pension)




Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (reference statements from the Register of Natural persons)




If the document needs to be legalised for the use abroad, this should be indicated in the application to the relevant Latvian public institution. The document will be forwarded to the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for legalisation and then forwarded to the diplomatic/ consular mission in the person’s country of residence.

If the document needs to be legalised, the following fees apply:

 a state fee of 25 EUR

 a consular fee for the forwarding of documents of 40 EUR.

Requesting documents via Latvian diplomatic/ consular missions

Requesting documents via the diplomatic or consular missions of Latvia abroad is only ensured if documents must be authenticated with a stamp of legalisation at the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This service is available to persons residing abroad permanently and having declared their place of residence abroad with the Register of Natural persons of Latvia.

Visitors seeking this service are received at the diplomatic or consular mission by prior appointment only. Please arrange your visit by contacting the respective Latvian diplomatic/ consular mission abroad.

Further information can be found here. To request a document from Latvian public institutions at a diplomatic or consular mission of Latvia, the person should submit an application and a document requesting form. The fee depends on the type of the document requested, the consular fee is 40 EUR. For further information on requesting documents via Latvian diplomatic/ consular missions and the amount of fees and consular charges, please contact the relevant Latvian diplomatic/ consular mission abroad.