The Government of the Republic of Latvia very seriously follows its obligations under the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations for the protection of Diplomatic and Consular Missions and their staff. It takes all appropriate steps to protect the premises of Diplomatic Missions and Consular posts resident in Riga against any intrusion or damages to prevent acts of aggression towards them or impairment of their dignity. It must be noted, that for any intended changes in the address of the diplomatic mission, consular post or any of the offices located elsewhere than the mission itself, consent of the MFA shall be sought. Any changes in the private residence address of the head of diplomatic mission should be notified via verbal note to the State Protocol immediately after or, where possible, prior to the move.

The security of the Ambassadors, diplomatic missions and consular posts, is the responsibility of the Government of the Republic of Latvia. The primary operational responsibility of law enforcement and public order rests to the State police.

The protective measures for safety of diplomatic and consular missions is based on threat assessment carried out annually or upon new circumstances.

In the event of threats or risks to the safety of diplomatic missions and consular posts or to its personnel, the diplomatic mission or consulate concerned should contact the State Protocol of the MFA, which in turn will immediately contact the relevant authorities to respond appropriately.

The diplomatic missions and consular posts should take all necessary measures to protect their premises, offices and residential accommodation. Adequate insurance against fire and burglary should be obtained. In case a diplomatic mission or a consular post has security concerns, such considerations and requests for additional safety measures are to be addressed to the State Protocol of the MFA via verbal note at least 10 days prior to the expected demonstration or other such event. In case of direct and imminent threat, the information should be conveyed as soon as possible.

If a staff member wishes to report an offence directed against a mission or consular post, or any other matter concerning security, which does not require immediate action of the State Police, a report should be addressed to the State Protocol of the MFA.

In the event of an emergency (including accidents), diplomatic missions and consular posts should contact one of the following:

State Police, 24-hours Hotline: 110 or (+371) 67219931/29706363
National Fire fighting and Rescue Service (emergency situations, such as fire): 112
Embassies and Special Objects Protection Unit, 24-hours Hotline (+371) 67219931 or (+371) 29706363
MFA service tel. (8:30-17:00): +371 6701 6201

The freedom to hold demonstrations is a constitutional right in the Republic of Latvia. Latvia has defined very clearly both the limits within which this right may be exercised and the limits within which the competent authorities may impose restrictions on demonstrations. The municipal authorities notify the State Protocol about a demonstration in advance. The State Protocol informs the respective mission, consular post, international organisation or representation thereof accordingly along with the competent authorities and requests their assistance in providing necessary security measures.

The authorities, such as the State Police, ensure that demonstrations proceed in an orderly manner. Impeding daily operational activities of diplomatic mission, consular posts, international organisation and representations thereof is prohibited and will be reduced to a possible minimum. A demonstration is allowed to take place only in line with directions from the City municipality and in case of non-compliance it may dispersed.

If the sending state intends to take the necessary steps for organising domestic election process in the Republic of Latvia, the diplomatic mission must provide the State Protocol of the MFA with information on the date of upcoming elections, locations and working hours of the polling stations as well as requests for additional security measures. The information has to be provided at least 20 working days prior to the event.

Where appropriate, the State Protocol shall also inform the staff members of diplomatic missions, consular posts, international organisations and representations thereof about upcoming EU parliamentary elections and about how to participate in them while resident in the Republic of Latvia.

More detailed information on voter eligibility and participation in elections taking place in Latvia may be accessed on the webpage of the Central Election Commission.