Latvia in the world
The Historic Centre of Riga was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997.
Contour of Latvia

Latvia is fortunate to have
more than 3000 lakes, 12000 rivers and a 500 km long Baltic Sea coastline.

Woman in science

Latvia fully guarantees legal equality
between women and men in employment and business.
Latvia has one of the highest rates of women in science,
technology and engineering, with 51% of scientists being women.

Police woman

In the Latvian National Armed Forces, 16% of soldiers are women,
and 30% of police officers are women.

World Cleanup Day

54% of Latvia’s territory is covered with forests. Latvians champion
the World Cleanup Day movement.

Speech recognition

Latvia is a frontrunner in AI language technology development,
with expertise in machine translation and speech recognition.

People speaking

Latvia promotes the sustainability of low-density languages.
Latvian is a Baltic language spoken by 2 million people.

A choir

Latvians value their roots and cultural heritage: more than 1.2 million folk songs
have been recorded, every school or village has a choir.

People dancing

Every five years, the capital city of Riga hosts a week-long national
Song and Dance Festival, where you can catch over 15,000 singers and
over 16,000 dancers on stage at once.

Song and Dance Festival
Photo by Reinis Oliņš, Archive of Latvian National Centre for Culture.