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Therese Rath un Andris Pelšs sarokojas
Photo: Laura Celmiņa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On 17 June 2024, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Andris Pelšs, met with the first Ambassador of Belize to Latvia, Therese Rath.

The Secretary of State welcomed the Belizean government’s decision to appoint a non-resident ambassador to Latvia for the first time. The officials expressed their interest in establishing bilateral cooperation and working together in international organisations to strengthen the effectiveness of the multilateral system, the rules-based international order and respect for the principles of the UN Charter, in particular sovereignty and territorial integrity.

17.06.2024. ĀM valsts sekretārs Andris Pelšs akreditācijas vizītē uzņem Belizas vēstnieci Terēzi Rātu (Therese Rath)