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Konsultāciju dalībnieki pie apspriežu galda
Photo: Kristaps Gulbis, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On 6 June 2024, Latvia and Ireland held political consultations in Riga. State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, Andris Pelšs, and Secretary General of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Ireland, Joe Hackett, discussed the current bilateral issues, the European Union (EU) agenda items: the EU strategic agenda, the EU enlargement and adjustment process, the EU single market, as well as the situation in Ukraine, Belarus and the Middle East.

Latvia and Ireland have close bilateral relations, which are based on Latvia’s large diaspora in Ireland, similar positions on the EU agenda, and reliable cooperation in the UN and other international organisations. We appreciate the large-scale Day of Welcomes organised by Ireland 20 years ago when Latvia joined the EU together with other countries.

The officials expressed their commitment to continue the active political dialogue between Latvia and Ireland and to strengthen cooperation in economic and multilateral formats, including regional cooperation with Ireland.

Discussing the EU agenda, the participants agreed that EU enlargement, the EU single market and EU adjustment present challenges and need to be assessed from different perspectives, but that it is important to remain united and cooperative on the basis of shared values.

Regarding the current security situation in the world, the participants agreed that the unity of European countries in solidarity with Ukraine is a positive sign, and that further support should be given to Ukraine in its fight for freedom against Russian aggression. Both Latvia and Ireland are hosting large numbers of Ukrainian refugees. The consultations also highlighted the importance of sanctions and the fight against sanctions evasion. The officials agreed on the need for an urgent solution to the escalation in the Middle East.

06.06.2024. ĀM valsts sekretāra Andra Pelša divpusējās konsultācijas ar Īrijas Ārlietu ministrijas ģenerālsekretāra vietnieku Džo Haketu (Joe Hackett)