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Pasākuma dalībnieku kopbilde
Photo: Šeila Orlova

On 9 May 2024, Europe Day, the Parliamentary Secretary Dace Melbārde took part in an event titled “United in Diversity” and organised by the European Commission Representation in Latvia and the European Parliament Liaison Office in Latvia. The event highlighted the most significant gains for Member States since joining the European Union, as well as as launching a new Europe Day tradition – “A Handshake with Europe”.

“A Latvian saying goes, ‘Build your house on solid ground’, and our membership of the European Union provides us with this opportunity,” the Parliamentary Secretary said.

In her address, Dace Melbārde underlined that the European Union is built, first of all, on common European values: human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and human rights. Integration into the community of democratic and law-based states is in Latvia’s interest, and we are open to cooperation with any country that respects those values.

The other important thing that lies at the heart of the EU and that we appreciate is security. Being in the European Union, we are part of a safe and rules-based world. Cooperation between EU member States helps us develop our defence capabilities and strengthens the resilience of our societies. The EU has historically been designed as a peace project, and those efforts are still sustained and pursued today.

Thirdly, the foundations of our ‘EU home’ are opportunities and access to education and science, opportunities to learn and inspire each other in order to find new solutions and innovations for Europe’s economic growth, as well as for the strengthening of democracy and civic engagement.

09.05.2024. Ārlietu ministrijas parlamentārā sekretāre Eiropas dienā piedalās Eiropas Komisijas pārstāvniecības Latvijā un Eiropas Parlamenta biroja organizētajā pasākumā “Vienoti dažādībā”