Standwith Ukraine

On 6 September 2022, the Cabinet of Ministers approved an informational report, “The Involvement of Latvia in the Reconstruction of Ukraine”, prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The informational report was drawn up with a view to Latvia continuing its support for Ukraine in 2023. Ukraine has voiced an appeal to the international community to begin reconstruction as soon as possible, urging the allies to assume responsibility for specific regions. The informational report is intended to offer proposals on Latvia’s engagement in rebuilding Ukraine.

Given current political and economic cooperation and contacts at the central and local government level, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs proposes that support be focused on the reconstruction of Chernihiv Oblast through channelling 5,110,887 euros towards that goal, and 110,887 euros – to send an expert to the European Commission’s Support Group for Ukraine in order to facilitate Latvia’s contribution to European Union level reconstruction processes.

It is envisaged that the allocation of funds for reconstruction needs in Chernihiv Oblast will take place in accordance with procedures laid down in Section 5 of the Law on International Assistance, including grant project competitions. Arrangements for the preparation of competitions and calls for applications are set out in Cabinet Regulation No123 of 3 March 2020, “Procedures for the implementation of grant project competitions”. Decisions on the distribution of funding and allocations for reconstruction will be made considering the needs formulated by Ukrainian partners, international assessments and Latvia’s capabilities. Attention will be focused on the priorities of the reconstruction effort – rebuilding critical infrastructure and housing. 

Since the Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC2022) held in Lugano on 4 and 5 July, several EU Member States have pledged their engagement in Ukraine’s reconstruction effort, naming concrete Ukrainian regions they will provide assistance to, for instance, Estonia – to reconstruction in Zhytomyr Oblast, Denmark – in Mykolaiv Oblast, France – in Chernihiv Oblast. Lithuania and Poland are also providing support for reconstruction.