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On 2 April 2024, the Cabinet of Ministers approved an informative report and a draft order on Latvia’s involvement in the reconstruction of Ukraine in 2024.

This year, Latvia will participate in the reconstruction of Ukraine for a total amount of EUR 5,337,753 (EUR 3 337 753 goes to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and EUR 2,000,000 – to the Ministry of Economics). The approved documents also provide for EUR 4,300,000 to be paid as a contribution to the European Peace Facility in support of the Ukrainian armed forces.

In 2024, Latvia will retain its focus on the Chernihiv region in the following areas: reconstruction of social infrastructure facilities; providing psychological support to women; the digitalisation sectors and the transfer of expertise to Ukrainian specialists on EU matters, spatial planning, and others.

From 2024 onwards, the implementation of reconstruction projects will be co-ordinated by the Central Finance and Contracts Agency in its capacity of the Latvian Development Cooperation Agency.

Latvia has been involved in the reconstruction of the Chernihiv region since mid-2022, by restoring social infrastructure facilities and housing, rendering psychological support to women, as well as providing expert opinions in the field of spatial planning.