VS + Angolas vēstnieks 22112021

On 22 November 2021, the State Secretary of the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Andris Pelšs, hosted accreditation visits from the Ambassadors of Angola, Kosovo and Russia.

In a conversation with the Ambassador of the Republic of Angola to Latvia, Feliciano António dos Santos, resident in Warsaw, Poland, both diplomats underlined the need to strengthen the bilateral political dialogue and economic cooperation. The Ambassador expressed interest in exploring Latvia’s experience in the areas of forest management, timber industry and information and communication technologies. Cooperation in international organisations was also discussed, especially in the United Nations, where Angola has supported Latvia’s initiatives on fighting disinformation.  

During the meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo to Latvia, Shkëndije Geci Sherifi, residing in Stockholm, Sweden, Andris Pelšs expressed support for the process of Kosovo’s integration with the European Union. He confirmed that Latvia is prepared to further share its experience of reforms and EU integration. Latvia is also interested in contributing to the security of Kosovo and the region through taking part in the NATO-led international peacekeeping force, KFOR.

As the State Secretary met with the new Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Latvia, Mikhail Vanin, the two officials reaffirmed the need for a continued political dialogue and practical cooperation between the countries.

The accreditation of all the three Ambassadors with the President of Latvia, Egils Levits, has been scheduled for 23 November 2021.