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On 15 February 2022, the Latvian Government decided on gradual and responsible easement of epidemiological safety regulations in the country. First easements came into effect on 16 February, for instance, shops are allowed to work without limitations on opening hours.

A number of measures will be eased as from 1 March 2022, as the state of emergency expires:

  • entertainment events indoors, gambling, nightclubs, amusement centres are allowed to reopen;
  • from 500 to 3000 people are allowed to gather for organised events. No personalised seating is necessary;
  • up to 50 people will be allowed to take part in private events indoors. Up to 250 people allowed at weddings, funerals and christenings.
  • in the retail sector, the requirement for customers to present certificates has been waived; the requirement to provide 15 m2 per customer remains in place;
  • remote working, social distancing of 2m, airing the rooms, and separating visitor flows are recommended;
  • non-essential travel from all countries is possible with a COVID-19 certificate or a negative COVID-19 test result without the requirement of self-isolation and filling out a Covidpass certification questionnaire;
  • the requirement to use medical face masks or a FFP2 respirators is still in place.

COVID-19 certificates for access to services

  • The requirement to present a vaccination and/or recovery certificate has been waived:
    • outdoors;
    • in the retail sector;
    • in church, at religious events.
  • The certificate requirement remains in place for:
    • public events (sports, cultural events etc.);
    • discos, nightclubs, amusement centres;
    • sports and amateur art activities;
    • public catering places, e.g., cafes, restaurants;
    • individual services in locations where masks or FFP2 respirators without a valve are used.

With the number of new cases declining, there are plans to lift all security restrictions as from 1 April. Recommendation on the use of medical masks and respirators, social distancing, airing the premises, etc. will remain relevant.

Further details on safety measures and restrictions to contain the spread of COVID-19 – see here.

Information on travelling abroad and entering Latvia

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