Krievija vēlas izmantot gāzi un naftu kā ieročus Eiropas vienotības graušanai

On 4-5 August 2022, in Salzburg, Austria, the Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zanda Kalniņa-Lukaševica, on an invitation from the Karoline Edtstadler, Federal Minister for the EU and the Constitution at the Federal Chancellery of Austria, took part in a conference on crisis management models, strengthening of the European Union institutions, and the most urgent concerns raised by EU citizens.

In view of current challenges that have emerged due to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and the COVID-19 pandemic, the invited participants discussed and exchanged views on how to strengthen European institutions so as to reinforce their resilience to and security under the ongoing and future crises.   

In her remarks to those present, the Parliamentary Secretary underlined the importance of providing further support for Ukraine. “Winter in Ukraine will see lack of access to safe and warm housing. The number of internally displaced persons in need of shelter is increasing in the country. Numerous residential buildings have been destroyed or damaged as the result of Russian attacks. Additional international resources must be urgently mobilized so that people in Ukraine are not left without safe shelter suitable for winter conditions. The currently available international support and financing in this field is way too insufficient.”

The Parliamentary Secretary stressed that it was essential to draw attention of the international community to the scale of the humanitarian crisis caused by Russia. The number of people who need assistance in Ukraine has reached 18 million.

“Decisions must be adopted on additional sanctions on Russia and Belarus. The EU must strengthen restrictive measures targeting Russia,” Zanda Kalniņa-Lukaševica said, asserting in the discussion that “Ukraine must win this war. We must provide Ukraine with all possible support it needs – military, humanitarian, financial, and political.”

Zanda Kalniņa-Lukaševica also noted that “a uniform approach and close cooperation among EU Member States to address the energy crisis are of utmost importance. Russia wants to weaponise gas and oil to undermine European unity and seeks to weaken support from society and politicians for imposing sanctions against Russia.”  

“In order to support Ukraine, we need a united and strong EU. While providing maximum assistance to Ukraine, we must concurrently be able to strengthen the rule of law, move ahead with the EU enlargement process, and improve the effectiveness of EU institutions,” Zanda Kalniņa-Lukaševica underlined.

Photo: Christopher Dunker, Bundeskanzleramt