Latvia raises its concern on continued malicious cyber activities targeting and affecting democracy, security and economies of the EU Member States and our allies and partners, both at the state level and the level of private entities and institutions. Today, Latvia in its national capacity, reinforces the international community’s condemnation of attacks taking advantage of the Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities, which have undermined security and stability in cyberspace and caused significant economic loss. The EU and its Member States also have been targeted by hacker groups APT40 and APT31, which are involved in intellectual property theft and espionage. The EU and its Member States have assessed that those malicious cyber activities and compromising of the Microsoft Exchange server have been undertaken from the territory of the People's Republic of China.

Latvia strongly advocates the applicability of international law and norms in cyberspace and calls on the People's Republic of China to adhere, as all states should, to the framework for responsible state behavior in cyberspace, including by not allowing its territory to be used for malicious cyber activities.

Latvia will continue to promote free, open, stable and secure cyberspace and international cooperation seeking to collectively strengthen security in cyberspace and deter further cyber-attacks.