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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, Edgars Rinkēvičs, has passed a decision on including 35 citizens of the Russian Federation who have supported Russia’s aggression in Ukraine in the list of personae non gratae in the Republic of Latvia.

Pursuant to the decision taken in accordance with Section 61, Paragraph two of the Immigration Law, those persons will be prohibited from entry to Latvia for an indefinite period of time.

Latvia condemns in the strongest terms the unprovoked and unjustified war unleashed by Russia on Ukraine, which has been going on for more than a year and in which, because of the brutality of the Russian armed forces, Ukrainian civilians and soldiers have been losing their lives every day. Support for atrocities perpetrated by the Kremlin regime means complicity with the crimes committed; therefore, the entry of such persons into Latvia is not permissible.

The following persons have been put on the persona non grata list:

  1. Yaroslav DRONOV
  2. Ruslan OSTASHKO
  4. Natalya KACHURA
  5. Kirill KUZNETSOV
  6. Akim GASANOV
  7. Polina AGUREEVA
  8. Vladimir BARINOV
  9. Dmitriy DONETSKIY
  10. Denis BOCHAROV
  11. Vasiliy SALZHENIKIN
  12. Alexander NOSKOV
  13. Alexey IOVCHEV
  14. Sergey KIFAK
  15. Valentin LEZOV
  16. Stanislav STAROVOITOV
  17. Valeria KUDRJAVCEVA
  18. Nadezhda BABKINA
  19. Alexander MARSHAL
  20. Vyacheslav MANUCHAROV
  21. Semen BAGDASAROV
  22. Rostislav ISHCHENKO
  23. Spiridon KILINKAROV
  24. Vladimir KORNILOV
  25. Rodion MIROSHNIK
  26. Gevorg MIRZAYAN
  27. Evgeny SATANOVSKY
  29. Mikhail SHAKHNAZAROV
  30. Andrey SIDORCHIK
  31. Alexander SOSNOVSKIY
  32. Sergey STANKEVICH
  33. Stanislav YAKOVLEV
  35. Dmitriy EVSTAFYEV