Grant Competition for Development Cooperation Projects

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia has evaluated applications which were submitted for the grant competition entitled “Support for Development Cooperation Projects in designated recipient countries” and has awarded financing (grants) for the following projects to be implemented in the EU Eastern Partnership countries and Central Asia:

  1. An LLC “SunGIS” project – Prototype of portal for the publication and public discussion on the general plan for residential areas in the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  2. A project by Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital for Moldova – Fighting disinformation: making people aware of the role of medical institutions in limiting the spread of false information in the virtual environment and society;
  3. A project by the Baltic Centre for Media Excellence (Baltijas Mediju izcilības centrs) for Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine – A comprehensive approach and advancement of media literacy to increase the societal resilience against disinformation in Latvia and the countries of the Eastern Partnershipership;
  4. A project by the Latvian Umbrella Body for Disability Organizations, SUSTENTO – Knowledge and support: a step on the path to the inclusion of women with disabilities in Tajikistan;
  5. A project to be carried out by Latvia’s national institute on standardization, SIA Latvijas standarts (Latvian Standard) – Supporting the creation of a sustainable infrastructure for the use of modern language technologies in Georgian public administration by proposing automatic translation solutions and expanding opportunities of the machine translation platform introduced within the standardization system;
  6. A project of the Latvian Social Entrepreneur Association (Latvijas Sociālās uzņēmējdarbības asociācija) - Mutual learning to boost sustainable partnerships of traditional and social business increasing the social impact in Ukraine and Georgia;
  7. A project by “Cleantech Latvia” – Capacity building for implementing investment projects in the fields of water supply and sewerage in Uzbekistan.

Taking into account the total financing available, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs awarded a particular project a partial amount of the financing (grant) requested in the project proposal: 

  1. the project “Digital Kick” by the Association of Technology and Startup Transfer which aims to develop digital skills for women in Uzbekistan thereby increasing economic opportunities and employment prospects for those who participate in the programmemme.

This year, 22 projects were reviewed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the grant competition entitled “Support for Development Cooperation Projects in designated recipient countries” and the total amount requested was EUR 786,059.96.

Since the announcement of the competition, in line with the Development Cooperation Policy plan for 2021-2023, a chance arose for additional financing. As a result, the total funding available for projects through the 2021 grant competition is EUR 254,758.92.   

The Foreign Ministry was pleased with overall quality of the projects submitted for consideration and the keen interest in implementation of development cooperation projects shown by those who took part in the competition. All who submitted projects will be individually informed about the results of the assessment of their projects.