RJA izalidums

On 17 March 2023, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Andris Pelšs, presented diplomas to the graduates of the Intensive Programme in European Law and Economics at Riga Graduate School of Law. 12 young professionals from Georgia and Moldova graduated from the six-week spring session of the programme.

In his address, the State Secretary reaffirmed Latvia’s support for the eurointegration efforts of Georgia and Moldova, while highlighting the role played by young professionals: “Representatives from civil society, public institutions and academia have a pivotal role in the development of their countries, including through promoting and enhancing the processes of their countries’ integration with the EU. Latvia is happy to support you in the process and is committed to do so in future.”

The State Secretary thanked Riga Graduate School of Law for excellent cooperation in the implementation of the course, and he expressed strong appreciation of support given by the United States.

The six-week programme, in addition to lectures in Riga, also includes a  week-long study trip to Brussels, where the students meet with officials from the European Union institutions.


Background information

Riga Graduate School of Law has been successfully implementing the interdisciplinary programme in European Law and Economics since 2014.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has supported the programme since its inception from the development assistance policy funds earmarked in its budget, while also mobilising funding by the United States America. Contributions for the RGSL programmes have also been provided by Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

In total, 605 participants from partner countries have graduated from the programmes at the RGSL since 2014. The graduates will be able to apply the knowledge and experience they have acquired towards promoting the development of their home countries.

Photo: Alfrēds Ulmanis