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On 1 October 2022, elections to the 14th Saeima (Latvian Parliament) were held both in Latvia and abroad. The citizens of Latvia could cast their votes in 81 polling stations in 42 countries worldwide. A half of polling stations were located in the diplomatic or consular missions of Latvia, and the other half had been set up due to active involvement by the members of the Latvian community abroad, including in the countries where there are no Latvian missions, for instance, in Brazil, Iceland, Luxembourg. Postal voting was also ensured in 22 polling stations, and 3101 voters made use of the opportunity. 

26,146 voters took part in the 14th Saeima elections abroad. The highest turnout was in the United Kingdom, with 5559 Latvian citizens voting, followed by Germany with 3108 voters, and Norway, with 1939.

The busiest polling station was the one in Stockholm, which received 1572 voters. There was also a high turnout in Dublin – 1335 people, in Oslo – 1304, in The Hague – 1208, and in Brussels – 887.

777 Latvian citizens voted in Australia, and 460, in Iceland.

There were no election-related incidents in foreign countries. The first polls opened in Australia on the night from 30 September to 1 October, Latvia time. The polling stations in the USA and Canada were the last to close, at 17.00 on 2 October.  

In total, 916,691 voters took place in the 14th Saeima elections in Latvia and abroad. For latest information on turnout and the distribution of votes, see the website of the Central Electoral Commission.