Parlamentārā sekretāre Raisinas konferencē Indijā

From 1 to 4 March 2023, the Parliamentary Secretary of the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gunda Reire, was on a visit to India. As part of her stay, Gunda Reire took part in India’s annual high-level foreign policy conference, Raisina Dialogue 2023, and delivered a speech in the panel addressing the impact and role of modern technologies in relations between countries, titled “Currencies of Power and Persuasion: Reflections on the Future”.

Gunda Reire stated a position that it was high time the international community recognised the ugly truth: Russia is an authoritarian country, a revisionist power, an aggressor. We must help Ukraine win. It is perfectly clear who is the aggressor, and who is defending their territory, freedom, sovereignty and people. It is also of crucial importance to stop Russia because other aggressors could perceive its example as an encouragement. Peace and justice in Ukraine shall be restored, and I am certain that this path will lead through The Hague, Gunda Reire asserted.
She pointed out that the purpose of Western sanctions was to throttle Russia’s abilities to finance its war machine. We see at this point that sanctions have inflicted considerable harm to the aggressor’s military industry, its military capabilities, Gunda Reire noted. She urged against supplying Russia with military and dual use technologies it needs to continue the war. It is vital to withhold any support for Russia’s ability to arm itself and finance war.

During her visit, Gunda Reire also met with the Secretary General of the House of the People (Lok Sabha) of the Parliament of India, Utpal Kumar Singh, for a discussion on the bilateral relations between Latvia and India, relations between the European Union and India, and cooperation in international organisations. The officials underlined the need for a continued exchange of high-level visits as well as deepening economic dialogue in areas such as information and communication technologies and green technologies. Views were exchanged on the current geopolitical situation in Europe and the Indo-Pacific region. Gunda Reire wished India a successful run of its G20 presidency.

The Parliamentary Secretary also took part in events organised by the Embassy of Latvia in India and the Jawaharlal Nehru University dedicated to women’s empowerment in the digital age and in a discussion at the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) think-tank on current developments in Europe and the Indo-Pacific region. The exchange of views with representatives from India’s academic circles and think-tanks dealt with major issues in international politics, including the impact of Russia’s war in Ukraine on the rules-based international order.