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In view of a serious threat to security posed by Russia near the Ukrainian border and a credible threat of escalation of the situation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges Latvian nationals to depart from Ukraine in the near term. We suggest that any accessible safe means of transportation be used – flights or land routes to or via EU/NATO member states.

Latvian nationals who cannot leave Ukraine due to special circumstances are requested to register with the Consular Register at https://latvija.lv/lv/Epakalpojumi/EP139/Apraksts or apply to the Embassy of Latvia in Kyiv at https://www2.mfa.gov.lv/ukraine/vestnieciba, and follow information updates.

Given the serious nature of the situation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against travelling to Ukraine at the present time.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also disseminating a warning by means of SMS to all mobile communication subscribers registered in Latvia who are currently staying in Ukraine.

The Embassy of Latvia in Ukraine is working to full extent and in an emergency mode.