Contacts for the Press

11.02.2015. 10:07


Ivars Lasis, Councillor - Acting Press Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presents the official opinion of the MFA on foreign policy.

For contacts: phone: (+371) 67016117, mobile phone: 27875808, e-mail:

The Press and Information Division of the Information and Public Relations Department is in charge of co-operation with the media and provides:

  • Information on the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on current matters in foreign policy;
  • Interviews with the Foreign Ministry officials;
  • press conferences, briefings, and seminars for the media;
  • dissemination of press statements and photographs;
  • permanent accreditation of the foreign media representatives for work in Latvia.

Press conferences

Press conferences are held in the press conference hall on the first floor of the MFA building.

The press conference hall provides:

  • connection to digital systems of conference communications – stationary and cordless microphones;
  • sound amplification and recording equipment;
  • connection to audio signal distribution outlets (XLR line level audio signal);
  • simultaneous interpretation equipment (the original, and three additional channels) – interpreters' booths, transmitters, receivers.

For media inquiries:

Media are requested to send their questions to the Press and Information Division by e-mail:

Contact telephone: (371) 67016 272

Telefax: (371) 67222 335