Nyttige lenker

02.12.2014. 19:09


General Information, News and Links:

News Agency LETA: http://www.leta.lv/

News Agency BNS: http://terminal.bns.lv/

Baltic Business News: http://www.balticbusinessnews.com/

Newsletters: http://www.mfa.gov.lv/en/?id=592

The Baltic Times: http://www.baltictimes.com/

Radio Latvia: http://www.radio.org.lv/

Latvian Television: http://www.ltv.lv/

Internet Dictionary: http://dictionary.tilde.lv/English/

Latvia on WWW: http://www.lv/ http://www.latvia.lv/


Latvian culture vortal http://www.kultura.lv/en/

Music in Latvia: http://www.music.lv/

Latvian Song Festival: http://www.dziesmusvetki2003.lv/

Latvian National Opera: http://www.opera.lv/

Latvian Folklore: http://folklora.lv/

Films in Latvia: http://www.latfilma.lv/

State Museum of Art: http://www.vmm.lv/

Latnet Art Gallery: http://www.gallery.lv/

Online Latvian Art Gallery: http://www.ambersea.lv/

Visual Arts Magazine Studija: http://www.studija.lv/

Economics and Business:

Bank of Latvia (including currency exchange rates): http://www.bank.lv/

Central Statistical Bureau: http://www.csb.lv/

Latvian Development Agency: http://www.lda.gov.lv/

Latvian Export & Import Directory: http://www.exim.lv/

Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: http://www.chamber.lv/

Business Co-operation Database: http://www.trade.lv/

Association of Latvian Commercial Banks: http://www.bankasoc.lv/

Riga Stock Exchange: http://www.rfb.lv/

Latvian Central Depository: http://www.lcd.lv/

State Real Estate Agency: http://www.vni.lv/

"ZL Hotline" Business Directory: http://www.zl.lv/

Internet Store: http://www.balticshop.com/

State Institutions:

Chancery of the President of Latvia: http://www.president.lv/

Saeima (the Parliament of Latvia): http://www.saeima.lv/

Cabinet of Ministers: http://www.mk.gov.lv/

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: http://www.mfa.gov.lv/

Diplomatic Missions: http://www.mfa.gov.lv/en/?id=263

Saeima European Union Centre: http://www.eiroinfo.lv/  

Saeima Defence and Internal Affairs Committee: http://www.saeima.lv/AIeK

Central Election Commission: http://www.cvk.lv/

Ministry of Defence: http://www.mod.gov.lv/

Naturalisation Board: http://www.np.gov.lv/

Society Integration Fund: http://www.lsif.lv/

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau: http://www.knab.gov.lv/

Latvia Courts Portal: http://www.tiesas.lv/

Education, Science, Research:

Higher Education Institutions: http://www.aiknc.lv/en/list.php

University of Latvia: http://www.lu.lv/

Stockholm School of Economics in Riga: http://www2.sseriga.edu.lv/

Riga Graduate School of Law: http://www.rgsl.edu.lv/

Latvian Academy of Sciences: http://www.lza.lv/

Latvian Institute of International Affairs: http://www.lai.lv/

Institute on Human Rights: http://www.humanrights.lv/

Latvian Resources of Bibliographic Information: http://www.biblio.lv/

Association of Latvian Academic Libraries: http://www.lataba.lv/

State Archives of Latvia: http://www.itl.rtu.lv/LVA/

Latvian Museum Association: http://www.muzeji.lv/

Museum of the Occupation of Latvia: http://www.occupationmuseum.lv/

Latvian War Museum: http://www.karamuzejs.lv/

Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation: http://vip.latnet.lv/museums/Riga/

International Organisations:
United Nations in Latvia: http://www.un.lv/

World Bank Latvia Office: http://www.worldbank.org.lv/

Latvia and the IMF: http://www.imf.org/external/country/LVA/index.htm

European Commission Delegation in Latvia: http://www.eiropainfo.lv/

Regional Co-operation:

Council of the Baltic Sea States: http://www.cbss.st/  

Nordic Council and Council of Ministers http://www.norden.org/

Baltic Assembly: http://www.baltasam.org/

Culture Centres:

The British Council Latvia: http://www.britishcouncil.lv/

Centre Culturel Français de Riga: http://www.ccf.lv/

Goethe-Institut Riga: http://www.goethe.de/ne/rig/

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs):

Union of Local and Regional Governments of Latvia: http://www.lps.lv/

World Federation of Free Latvians: http://www.pbla.lv/

NGO vortal: http://www.ngo.org.lv/

European Movement - Latvia: http://www.eiropaskustiba.lv/

Latvian Transatlantic Organisation (LATO): http://www.lato.lv/