Comment by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding a publication on portal

30.04.2015. 15:50

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to present its perspective on the online article entitled “Ten Positive Achievements of Nazi Germany” which was posted on 28 April at the portal. We consider the article to be in bad taste and a breach of norms with respect to the ethical and moral responsibility of journalists.  

While this publication may not violate the freedom of speech, and it does acknowledge that crimes were perpetrated by Nazis and explicitly notes that they are guilty of crimes against humanity, nevertheless, the content of the publication leads to legitimate questions about the author’s intentions and actual objectives in the context of the article.

On the eve of 8 May, when the world celebrates the defeat of Nazism and commemorates victims of World War II, such publications are provocative and provide grounds for various speculations that could be taken advantage of by those who oppose democracy and freedom.

The publication calls into question the professionalism and integrity of the authors of the article.


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