Updated: Travel to Latvia for Latvian nationals and their family members

09.09.2020. 16:56

On 7 September 2020, an interagency agreement was reached extending the list of family members of Latvian nationals that are allowed to travel to Latvia. Currently, the family members of Latvian nationals who are allowed to travel to Latvia include:

  1. The spouse of the Latvian national;
  2. The children of the Latvian national under 21 years of age;
  3. A relative of the Latvian national or a relative of the Latvian national’s spouse, who is under custody of the Latvian national or who has a common household with the Latvian national in the previous country of residence (USA), or if the relative is in need of personal care due to serious health conditions and the Latvian national confirms that he/she will deliver this care;
  4. The partner of the Latvian national who the Latvian national has been in a relationship with for at least 2 years or if the relationship is registered;
  5. The other parent of a Latvian national’s child, irrespective of the length of the couple’s relationship, if the child is below the age of 21.

Please note, that the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No.360 Epidemiological Safety Measures for the Containment of the Spread of COVID-19 Infection article 37.1 has not been amended, but its interpretation has been broadened. Cohabitation, a relationship and its length, as well as family ties must be proven with documents (for example, cohabitation or a relationship could be proven with bills and payments made in the name of both partners, a common mortgage or other documents). Cohabitation or a relationship cannot be established through verbal confirmation alone. We advise you to gather all documents prior to the flight, and get to know the requirements of the airlines, transit countries and airports regarding specific requirements for travel to Latvia. After arriving in Latvia from the USA, a 14 day period of self-isolation is mandatory.