Sources of information related to the “Covid-19” coronavirus

19.03.2020. 17:22
Sources of information related to the “Covid-19” coronavirus

Official sources of Latvia:

·         Cabinet of Ministers – information about the official decisions made by the Government of Latvia, including those related to the state of emergency in Latvia;

·         Emergency situation in Latvia to restrict the spread of Covid-19

·         Social media: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia (Facebook), Embassy of Latvia to the USA (Facebook).

·         Consular Registry – we encourage Latvian citizens to register to let the Government of Latvia know where abroad you are;

·         Information about Transportation Minister’s decisions about exceptional authorizations for international passenger trips

·         Travel advisories (in Latvian); Travel advisory about the United States (in Latvian);

·         Embassy of Latvia: consular services and assistance;

·         Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Latvia – information about the coronavirus, symptoms, information for the population, professionals and about self-isolation;

·         Ministry of Health  - information about the coronavirus cases in Latvia updated every 24 h; expert comments;


Official sources of the United States:

·         Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – the main United States starting source for everything related to the disease, symptoms, advice for families, companies, organizations, and official data about the spread of the disease.

·         Department of Homeland Security – information regarding travel restrictions;

·         The White House – information about the administration’s decisions;

·         US Citizenship and Immigration Services – information about travel rules for entry into the US, visas, ESTA;

·         US Department of Health and Human Services – information about progress on the vaccine;

·         Additionally, we suggest that you explore your state (e.g. Governor’s Office) and local websites of where you are located.