Two interns begin summer work at the Embassy of Latvia to the USA

03.06.2019. 21:46

On June 3 two interns joined the Embassy of Latvia in Washington, DC. The interns will have a chance to assist in every day tasks, learn about the routine of diplomats and also learn more about Latvian-U.S. relations.

Ms Elza Vucāne is a sophomore at the University of Latvia, where she studies international economics and commercial diplomacy. Elza is interested in the ways that nations engage with each other economically, and how this plays out in the global scene, which is what drew her to this particular academic field. Up to now Elza was held client service jobs. Her last job was with a Latvian company Printful (located in North Carolina and California), that provides services used by eCommerce businesses around the world. She assisted customers from various countries and thereby got an insight into the world of international business management. Thanks to her language skills, she has traveled to many countries to experience their cultures. When traveling, Elza seeks to do volunteer work, as she did last summer when she was in Washington DC, helping to feed underserved residents.

Ms Māra Madara Lūse is also a sophomore studying law for her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Latvia. She is interested in international law. Last summer she had an internship at the Latvian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development. She worked as a consultant in the Minister’s bureau. After graduation Māra Madara is planning to study international relations in Europe. In her free time she likes traveling with her friends to interesting places in Latvia.

The Embassy of Latvia to the USA (in Washington, DC) offers interships to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to those who are recent graduates and would like to gain practical experience. Internship can also be part of a study program. Latvian language skills are an advantage. Strong English language skills are required. The internship lasts for about 3 months. More information (in Latvian).