The Morrison Bridge in Portland, Oregon to be lit in the colors of the Latvian flag

24.07.2018. 19:36
  • Join in Centenary celebrations together with the Latvian Foreign Service

In honor of the centennial of the Republic of Latvia, the Morrison Bridge over the Willamette River in the City of Portland in the State of Oregon will be lit in the colors of the Latvian flag – carmine, white, carmine. The lighting will occur for three consecutive nights November 16 to 18. The Honorary Consul of Latvia in the State of Oregon Mr Uldis Jānis Bērziņš is the author and sponsor of the idea.

According to the website of the Willamette Light Brigade, the group responsible for lighting of the bridges, the Morrison Bridge is the city’s first bridge. The current design is the third bridge at that location opened in 1958. The previous structures were built in 1887 and 1905. Portland has been nicknamed “Bridgetown” – there are twelve bridges across the Willamette River alone.

The flag of Latvia is among the oldest in the world and it was first mentioned in the so-called Rhymed Chronicle of Livonia in 1280. The origins of the flag are traced to the Town of Cēsis in Latvia.

Previously, the colors of the Latvian flag appeared on the Empire State Building in New York City. The Niagara Falls will also shine in the Latvian colors on November 17.

Photo: Creative Commons, Ian Sane