500 Foreign Soldiers to visit Latvia’s War Museum

26.03.2015. 17:40

To learn about the establishment of Latvia as a nation and the history of the Latvian army, on March 25 of this year 500 foreign soldiers participating in the U.S.-led international military exercises „Operation Summer Shield XII” will visit Latvia’s War Museum.

Soldiers from the U.S. National Guard/ Michigan, U.S Marines, and from the armed forces of Canada, Germany and Luxembourg will be visiting the War Museum.

These kinds of „cultural days” for foreign soldiers will continue in the future, which is why during this visit, Freedom fighting events in Latvia during World War I  and the defense of Latvia from 1920-1940 will be emphasized by the museum’s historians.

In the past few years there has been growing interest by soldiers from the countries of Latvia’s allies in visiting the museum and learning more about Latvia’ s history.  Last year 1,768 „jaunsargi” and 2,317 soldiers from Latvia and other countries visited the War Museum.