An Exhibition of Iveta Vecenāne’s Tapestries Opens in Washington

05.09.2014. 15:34

On September 3 Andris Razāns, Latvia’s Ambassador to the U.S. and Björn Lyrvall, Sweden’s Ambassador to the U.S. opened the exhibition "Vibration of Amber Threads (Latvia) and Sami Crafts of Soul, Hand and Mind (Sweden)" in the Alfred Nobel Hall of the House of Sweden.  The exhibition is a collaborative project between the two embassies to promote in the United States Riga and Umeo as the 2014 European Capitals of Culture.

In addressing guests at the exhibit’s opening, Ambassador A.Razāns emphasized the  long-standing ties and interaction between Latvia and Sweden. „The exhibition by Iveta Vecenāne and Umeo is a wonderful example of cooperation between the Embassies of Latvia and Sweden in Washington, it encourages the American public to familiarize itself more closely with Latvia and the Baltic Sea region, as well as introduces them to our cultural riches,” stated the Ambassador. The tapestry exhibit Vibration of Amber Threads” by textile artist Iveta Vecenāne is part of the Latvian Embassy’s „Riga 2014” cultural program.

In 2013 I.Vecenāne wove the world’s first fabric made of amber threads, in both the warp and weft. Later, just like the pieces of an amber necklace are arranged consecutively, her tapestries were created, one after the other – „Graudberzi,” „Etruscan Pony”, „Meadow”, „Morning.” For the warp I.Vecenāne uses flax threads and for the weft, she adds four amber threads. They extend throughout the entire tapestry and create a vibration that cannot be expressed in words.  All that the artist has experienced personally has been transformed into tapestries, which can now be enjoyed by visitors to the exhibit in Washington, DC.

 „My art work and I have the great honor of being welcomed to the Alfred Nobel Hall at the House of Sweden in the capital city of the United States. In this fact I see symbolism, because in my career as an artist I speak to that which is beautiful and authentic, about love,”  Iveta Vecenāne explained to the guests at the opening.

The artist has participated in numerous prestigous international exhibits, including the travelling exhibit ARTAPESTRY3 at the Lurcat Museum in Algers, France.  The artist’s pieces have been exhibited together with works of famous artists such as Jean Lurcat, Alexandre Calder, Paul Klee and Magdalena Abakanovicz. Her amber thread tapestries were also part of the Museum Evening at the Mark Rothko museum in Daugavpils, Latvia.

Meanwhile, in cooperation with the city of Umeo, the Swedish Embassy offers visitors the opportunity to view a display of uniquely hand-sewn garments, footwear and jewelry, as well as the chance to watch a short film by Swedish artist Maria Axelsson and filmmaker Oskar Östergren showcasing the textile culture and way of life of the Sami people.

In opening the exhibit, Swedish Ambassador Björn Lyrvall remarked,  “Umeo is this year’s cultural capital of Europe along with Riga. It is not a coincidence that Sweden and Latvia are working together. We have shared traditions going back in time, working together in the Baltic Sea region and we share numerous common episodes in history.” 

The Embassy of Latvia would like to thank „The Rīga 2014 Foundation” and the Riga City Council for their financial support in making this exhibition possible.

The exhibit is open to the public August 30 – September 21 in the Alfred Nobel Hall of the House of Sweden in Washington, DC (House of Sweden, 2900 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20007).

Saturdays 11:00 – 4:00;

Sundays 12:00-5:00.