Joint Statement by the United States of America, Republic of Estonia, Republic of Latvia, and Republic of Lithuania, White House,US-Baltic summit (Chancery of the President)

05.09.2013. 12:36

On October 4 "Daile" theater actors from Riga visited the Embassy of Latvia. The actors have almost completed their tour of various cities of the United States performing the play "Dzivite, dzivite" ("Life, life") by Janis Jurkans.

The actors met with Ambassador Andrejs Pildegovics and other embassy representatives. The guests were given a tour of the Embassy and an overview of the Embassy's work and responsibilities. In turn, the actors informed the Embassy about the success of their US tour and about the generous hospitality of the people they have met at the various Latvian centers throughout the United States.

The play was performed on Friday, October 5 in Rockville, Maryland. The final performance will be in Florida, after which the actors will return to Latvia.

The US tour has been arranged by TILTS.