Novuss Tournament held at the Embassy of Latvia

05.03.2013. 22:48

On Saturday, February 11 the second annual novuss tournament "Embassy Cup-2012" was held at the Embassy of Latvia. Over 40 players participated in this year’s tournament, which brought together diplomats, members of the local Latvian and Estonian communities and other friends of Latvia.

After an intense day of friendy competition, the winners were announced: First place: Aldis Bçrziòð; 2nd place: Estonia’s Defense Attache Col. Aivar Salekeðin; 3rd place: Ambassador Andrejs Pildegoviès. The best female competitor was Daiga Jansone.

Above photo: Winners of the tournament: Estonia’s Defense Attache Col. Aivar Salekeðin, Aldis Bçrziòð, Daiga Jansone and Ambassador Andrejs Pildegoviès

* * *

Novuss, sometimes referred to as a Latvian national sport, is related to pocket billiards; it was first played Latvia in the mid 1920s, initially in the port cities of Ventspils and Liepâja. Novuss is played on a wooden board with pockets in each corner. Using a cue stick, players propel their pucks (small discs) into colored object discs, knocking them into the pockets. The winner is the first one to sink all eight of their object discs.

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