Latvia joins Schengen Zone

02.12.2014. 19:09
On December 21, 2007 Latvia, along with the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia, joined the Schengen border-free zone. The Schengen agreement, which allows passport-free travel across the area, now embraces 24 nations.

As of December 21, this agreement abolishes land and maritime borders of Latvia with Lithuania and Estonia; thus this border has become the internal border of the Schengen space. The abolition of border control at the internal air borders is planned for 30 March 2008.

Latvia's border with neighboring countries Russia and Belarus, which are not members of the Schengen Treaty, has now become the external border of the Schengen Area. Border controls on the external border of the Schengen Area are maintained.

With the accession of Latvia to the Schengen Area, Latvia's diplomatic and consular representations abroad have commenced the issuance of a uniform or Schengen visa, which is valid in the territory of all the states – members to the Schengen Treaty.

For additional information, please see: Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.