Return Certificate

12.06.2019. 20:24

Requirements for receiving Return Certificate (atgriešanās apliecība) – a single time travel document, issued for returning to Latvia or your permanent place of residence.

The Return Certificate is a temporary travel document, which assures the identity of a person under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Latvia and temporarily replaces the travel document (passport) issued by the Republic of Latvia.

The Return Certificate gives its holder the right to cross the border of the Republic of Latvia or country of residence one time only, when returning from abroad.

The Return Certificate can be received only in emergency cases if the person requesting it, while abroad in a short-term visit, has lost his/her travel document issued by the Republic of Latvia (passport) or if the document has been stolen.

In emergency situations, the Return Certificate can be issued within 24 hours’ time.

The document is valid for a given jorney, but for a maximum of 30 days.

To apply for the Return Certificate, you have to be present in person at the Embassy. In case that this is impossible, please fill out a motivated application explaining the emergency and reasoning for inability to come to the Embassy.

In order to receive a Return Certificate, please submit the following documents to the Embassy of Latvia:

  1. Application form (in Latvian) for receiving Return Certificate (translation of the form can be found below);
  2. the invalid Latvian citizen’s or non-citizens passport, personal identification document or copy of the document proving person’s identity;
  3. free form application with text on it "I, (Name, Surname), agree that my data will be used in order to recieve a consular service" with the date and your signature;
  4. if the passport has been stolen – police report (if possible to get one) and explanation for the loss of the passport;
  5. if the passport has been lost – explanation form regarding the loss of the passport ;
  6. two passport size photos;
  7. Money Order (payable to the Embassy of Latvia) for 50 USD (20 USD – the fee for issuing the Return Certificate; 30 USD – the cost of sending the document to your specified address in USA via Federal Express.)

Please submit all documents by mail to:

Embassy of Latvia

2306 Massachusetts Avenue, NW

Washington, D.C. 20008

tel. 202-328-2883, 202-328-2882 or 202-328-2881

After crossing the border of the Republic of Latvia, the person holding the Return Certificate is required to submit it to any regional department of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs and apply for a new passport of the Republic of Latvia.


English translation of the application form for receiving Return Certificate


1. Name, Last name;

2. Date and place of birth;

3. Height (in cm) / eye color;

4. Place of permanent residence (also can be USA address);

5. Personal identification number;

6. Legal status in Latvia (citizen, non-citizen);

7. Document with which you traveled out of the Republic of Latvia;

8. * The number of aforementioned document / issue date / issue place

9. When and under what circumstances the document became invalid;

10. * Permanent residence place abroad;

11. Information about persons under the age of 18 with whom you are travelling (last name, name, date of birth);

12. Expected date of return to Latvia;

13. Countries you are traveling through while en route to Latvia

Signature of applicant / Date


1. * To be completed if the person has the necessary information.

2. You do not have to fill in fields “Signature” and “Date” if the electronic document has been prepared according to laws and regulations of electronic document execution.