An exhibition on Latvian architecture draws broad attention in Korea

21.05.2019. 11:01
An exhibition on Latvian architecture draws broad attention in Korea

An exhibition on Latvian architecture, Latvia. Architecture at Convergence, shown for the second time in the Korean capital city Seoul, has attracted great attention in Korea.

With support from the Korea Foundation (KF), it is on display at the Korea Foundation Gallery.

The unveiling of the exhibition took place on 8 May, with participation of its co-author Ilze Paklone, foreign diplomats and representatives from the culture and architecture sector. From 7 to 9 May, alongside the opening of the display, the architect Ilze Paklone delivered lectures for architecture students at Hongik University, for students on the Baltic Studies course at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), and for professionals from other sectors – at the KF Gallery. During her visit to Korea, Ilze Paklone also gave interviews to the Korea Foundation paper and A&C Architecture Magazine, which is one of the best-known Korean periodicals on architecture.

The exhibition with the series of lectures aimed at promoting Latvian architecture and the image of Latvia is one of the events of the Public Diplomacy Programme dedicated to Latvia’s Centenary and coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. While focusing on architecture, the exhibition also provides an insight into Latvian history and culture. The display of 40 large-scale photographs arranged in ten modules seeks answers to the question contained in the very title of the exhibition Latvia. Architecture at Convergence

Before the launch of the exhibition series in Korea, it saw several shows in Japan, following the theme of the special issue of “a+u” (Architecture and Urbanism) magazine on Latvian architecture (No 555), titled Feature: Latvia – Architecture Unfolding. The exhibition was first hosted by the laboratory of the Japanese architect Yoshiharu Tsukamoto at Tokyo Institute of Technologies. He was a member of the international jury for the annual Latvian Architecture Award in 2017.   

The Embassy of Latvia in the Republic of Korea thanks all who supported and took part in creating and presenting of the exhibition in Seoul: the editorial staff of the “a+u” magazine, the co-authors of the exhibition, Ilze Paklone and Dace Penke, the Korea Foundation, Hongik University, and HUFS.

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