For the first time Midsummer Day is celebrated at the Latvian Embassy in the Republic of Korea

03.07.2017. 02:00
For the first time Midsummer Day is celebrated at the Latvian Embassy in the Republic of Korea

On 22 June for the first time in Korea, the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia invited Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians and Korean Latvia’s friends’ group to join for the First Midsummer day celebrations in Seoul at the new premises of the Latvian Embassy in Hannam-dong. Ambassador Pēteris Vaivars expressed his appreciation for the big number of participants attending the Embassy’s event today. Ambassador suggested to have this event as a regular Baltic celebration in Seoul.

The Embassy was also happy to welcome its special guest today – the Estonian Ambassador to Korea H.E. Jaak Lensment (with residence in Tokyo). Estonian Ambassador thanked Latvian Embassy for taking the initiative to organize Midsummer day for all three Baltic nations representatives living in Korea and expressed hope that such events will be regular.

For the event, the Embassy had special deliveries from Latvia for Midsummer Day cheese, rye bread, Latvian beer and other Latvian food from the home country. Guests and hosts prepared  very delicious home-made food and joined for Midsummer Day singing and dancing.

50 guests attended the event which turned out a great success. While thanking everyone for the attendance, the Embassy would like to express special appreciation to two Latvian ladies Daina Polmane and Līga Tarvide for helping the Embassy to create a special Midsummer Day atmosphere.

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