Latvian Ambassador to Korea invites members of the Federation of Korean Industries to visit Latvia

07.09.2016. 11:34

On 6 September, Ambassador Pēteris Vaivars paid a visit to the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) and met with its Secretary General, Park Chan-ho.

The Ambassador also made a presentation on doing business in Latvia and sectors that are already actively cooperating with Korea and seeking opportunities to expand their contacts. Those are timber processing, tourism, information technologies, logistics and pharmaceuticals. Ambassador Vaivars also noted that the key task of the recently opened Embassy of Latvia in Korea is the facilitation of Latvian-Korean economic relations and assistance to businesses from both countries in finding the best models for cooperation. Pēteris Vaivars invited the FKI’s senior management and members to come to Latvia on a business mission to gain hands-on experience of the country and get to know its entrepreneurs.

Secretary General congratulated Latvia on the opening of a new embassy in Seoul and invited the Ambassador to maintain close relations with the federation and its members in order to provide further information on the opportunities offered by Latvia. FKI members are active in Europe, and currently have an increased focus on the countries in Northern and Eastern Europe. In future, closer cooperation could also be considered with the Baltic States, which are not yet very well known in Korea.

The parties agreed to continue their dialogue in order to build closer links between the FKI and Latvia.

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