Latvian Ambassador takes part in the opening of 2016 Seoul Hanok Expo

22.02.2016. 13:44
Latvian Ambassador takes part in the opening of 2016 Seoul Hanok Expo


On 18 February, the Ambassador of Latvia, Pēteris Vaivars, took part in the opening of Korean traditional housing fair, 2016 Seoul Hanok Expo, in the presence of Park Won-soon, the Mayor of Seoul.

An official ceremony held for the inauguration the central building of the fair was quite reminiscent of the Latvian tradition of celebrating spāru svētki – a stage in the process of building a house just after the roof beams and rafters have been set and before roofing commences.

The Ambassador also gave a short interview to Korean KTV emphasising the similar features in housing construction methods in Latvia and Korea and speaking about crafts fairs held on a regular basis at the Open-Air Museum in Riga and elsewhere across Latvia. Ambassador Vaivars also highlighted Latvian crafts traditions and invited Koreans to look for them when visiting Latvia.

One of the hosts of the fair is the Seoul Metropolitan City Government, which works to draw attention of the general public to traditional housing construction and items produced by craftsmen. The fair also displays equipment, tools and materials used in Hanok construction.

The fair, held at the Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention (SETEC) facilities from 18 to 21 February, aims at promoting traditional Korean crafts and cultural values.

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