The Embassy of Latvia in Seoul publishes a brochure about Latvia in the Korean language

28.12.2015. 10:07
The Embassy of Latvia in Seoul publishes a brochure about Latvia in the Korean language

In cooperation with the Latvian Tourism Development Agency (TAVA), the Embassy of Latvia in Seoul has published the first brochure in the Korean language providing information on Latvia.

Each year, more and more Korean tourists are choosing Europe as their destination. And tourist agencies are recommending Latvia to Koreans going in this direction, pointing in particular to Latvia’s world heritage sites, exceptional natural beauty, and good opportunities to enjoy national culture and fine dining. Latvia’s Embassy in Seoul and Latvia’s Tourism Development Agency will be offering additional information in the Korean language on trips to Latvia and what makes travel to Latvia worthwhile, while expending efforts to increase the number of Korean tourists that put Latvia in their travel plans for business and pleasure.

The Embassy of Latvia opened on 15 September 2015. The Embassy’s priority is to facilitate political dialogue and foster economic and trade connections, while backing Latvian enterprises and communicating and cooperating with potential Korean investors, revealing and promoting good prospects.

The Ambassador of Latvia to the Republic of Korea is H.E. Normans Penke who resides in Tokyo. The Chargé d’Affaires, a.i., for the Embassy of Latvia in Seoul is Oļegs Iļģis.

A Korean language brochure on the Republic of Latvia was presented at the 10 December seminar on Latvian tourism and was warmly welcomed by representatives of the Korean tourism industry.

For information on the offerings to tourists in Latvia, go to the following site:

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