Exhibition "The Aftermath of Prague Spring and Charter 77 in Latvia/ The Baltics" opened in regional museum in Chomutov

21.07.2008. 18:38

The ambassadress of the Republic of Latvia in Czech Republic Argita Daudze, director of regional museum in Chomutov Stanislav Děd and scientific associate of Institute of Contemporary History of the Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic Helena Nosková on July 10 in regional museum in Chomutov opened the exhibition of State Archives of Latvia "The Aftermath of Prague Spring and Charter 77 in Latvia/ The Baltics".

In her speech the ambassadress highlighted that this exhibition is a proof that despite Soviet Union's censorship the information about events in Czechoslovakia still could reach Latvia and inspired part of the people living there. Prague Spring was a stimulus for the Baltics to continue the resistance to Soviet occupation.

The exhibition, which until then was exhibited in the Presidium Hall of the Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic, has started a tour to Czech regions, and will be open in Chomutov until September 6, 2008. The regional museum in Chomutov has also compiled a catalogue that includes information about the exhibition and Latvia. Meanwhile the viewers have the opportunity to see also Czech exhibition "August of 1968 in Chomutov", which reveals the experience and memories of Chomutov district people.

The exhibition shows how the events of 1968 in Czechoslovakia echoed in Latvia and the Baltics. Reforms in Czechoslovakia gave hope to the Baltics and stimulus to the brave warriors who stepped against the regime in the Baltics. The documents exposed in the exhibition and many photos inform the viewers that the fight for human rights in the Baltics led to a demand to restore the independence of countries. The viewers can get an insight about how Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia regained their independence. The exhibition also reveals the struggle of Latvian exile for restoration of Latvian statehood. The documents exhibited are from archives and museums of the Baltics and Russia, as well as from private collections.

This year the exhibition will be seen also in Česke Budejovice and Ostrava.

During her visit the ambassadress Argita Daudze also met the representatives of city hall.