Latvian curator and three artists participate in Prague contemporary art triennial Re-Reading the Future

05.06.2008. 18:29

On June 2 Prague National gallery opened a contemporary art triennial Re-Reading the Future with 90 exhibitions created by almost 200 artists.

Latvia is represented by an exhibition called "Time Paradox" created by three artists: Solveiga Vasiljeva with her 9 meters long drawing, which is presented together with digital graphics cycle Sense of Tongue (2004) and a movie What did you want to tell me? Nothing (2004); Zaiga Putrama with her work Domino, which was created specially for this exhibition and is a set of domino pieces, where the viewers instead of numbers have to play with words; and Maris Subacs who has created 24 posters with philosophical texts and minimalist drawings. The curator of the exhibition is Elita Ansone, and the exhibition will be open until September 14.

The origins of Prague International Contemporary Art Triennial 2008 date back to 2003 when it was a contemporary art biennial presenting wide modern art exhibition from all over the world. There have been two Prague International Contemporary Art biennials in 2003 and 2005, and starting from 2008 they obtained 3 year regularity cycle.

The opening of the exhibition took place with the presence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia, and Latvian exhibition is supported by Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation and Embassy of Latvia in Prague.

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