Photography exhibition about Latvia in Ratibořice

30.05.2008. 13:44

On May 24 Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia in Czech Republic opened an photography exhibition "Latvia, a near country" in Ratibořice castle. The pictures exhibited had been taken by several Latvian photographs and they provide an insight of Latvia, its nature, people and architecture.

The event was marked with opening words by Ambassador of Latvia Argita Daudze, castle director Ivan Češka, Ratibořice Castle Museum Project manager Milan Záliš and director of the National Heritage Institute Jan Čiháček.

Ratibořice castle was built in early 18th century as a baroque style monument, nevertheless at the beginning of 19th century it was rebuilt, obtaining empiric features. The original and well-preserved furnishing also reflects empire and Biedermeier style. The castle used to belong to the family of duke Biron of Courland as duke Peter von Biron bought it on 1792. It belonged to the family until 1840, and was resided by duke himself and his daughter Katharina.

Ratibořice castle is also remarkable because of the outstanding Czech writer Božena Němcova who used to live nearby. One of her most famous works is "Grandmother", and the action in this novel takes place mainly in Ratibořice castle and its surroundings.

The exhibition was a result of successful cooperation of castle administration, Latvian State Tourism Development Agency and Latvian Embassy, and it will be open to visitors by October 31, 2008.

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