Ambassador Iveta Šulca completes her mission in the Czech Republic

04.07.2006. 13:33

On 17 May 2006 Ambassador of Latvia Iveta Šulca finished her five-year mission in the Czech Republic and returned to Latvia where she will continue her diplomatic service as the Deputy State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the service of Ambassador Šulca in the Czech Republic, relations between the two countries have developed dynamically and were strengthened both on a bilateral and multilateral planes. It was during the Prague NATO summit in 2002 that Latvia received an invitation to become a member of the alliance. In May 2004 both countries became full members of the European Union.

The past years have also witnessed busy and multi-faceted cooperation between Latvia and the Czech Republic in the cultural area. Especially notable has been May 2006, when a wide programme presenting the culture of Latvia was offered to the Czech public with the support of the Embassy. At the beginning of May Latvia was the main guest country at the annual Prague international book-fair "Svět knihy", the National Museum in Prague displayed the exhibition of the Museum of the Popular From of Latvia "From the Singing Revolution to the European Union". The Education and Culture Centre of the Prague Jewish Museum featured exhibition Latvian Jewish Community and Children Draw the Old Synagogues of Latvia. The visitors of the National Library in Prague had the opportunity to learn about five hundred years of Latvian-Czech literary ties in a similarly named exhibition. The event have been only a small fraction of work done by the Embassy to promote and strengthen cooperation between both countries.

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