Promoting inflow of the Czech tourists to Latvia

22.12.2005. 15:03

In order to enhance the inflow of the Czech tourists to Latvia, specialized workshop for Czech travel agencies and tour operators was taking place between 14.-17.12.2005 in Riga.

The organizer of the programme was Latvian state agency for tourism "Turisma attistibas valsts agentura" (TAVA). Participating were representatives of six leading tourist companies and tour operators who visited the most interesting and the most attractive places of Latvia. Subsequently, they met their counterparts from Latvian incoming travel companies to discuss conrete conditions for the Czech tourist groups in the years to come.

In preparation of the workshop project participated Czech Airlines by granting the air tickets for the group and – as mentioned – the TAVA agency providing the stay in Latvia and organizing the programme..Coordination of the project was done by the Latvian Embassy to Prague.

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