Latvia's Centenary Celebrations in Czechia were concluded by screening of the Latvian film “Bille” in Prague and Brno

06.04.2019. 11:37
  • Join in Centenary celebrations together with the Latvian Foreign Service

On April 5 and 6, 2019, in the framework of the festival Days of European Film, the best Latvian film of the year 2018, “Bille”, was screened in Prague and Brno, thus concluding Latvia's Centenary Celebrations in Czechia. Audience could have met the film’s director Ināra Kolmane and her vision of the legendary piece of Latvian literature, Vizma Belševica’s book, on which the film is based.

After the screening in the Prague Cinema Lucerna, the Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia, H.E. Mrs Gunta Pastore, expressed her thanks to the director for opportunity to show another Latvian Film for Latvian Centenary to Czech audience. The Ambassador welcomed the fact “Bille” is not just awarded by Latvian National Film Award, but it is being recognised around the world too. Since the film was co-producted with Czech partners, its screening in Czechia is of special importance. The work proves successful cooperation between the Czech Republic and the Republic of Latvia at the most varied levels.

The director thanked her Czech colleagues for the joint work, editing the film. I. Kolmane also stressed that Latvian National funding for the Centenary films helped to demonstrate Latvian cinematography its competitiveness. Czech audience as well as members of the Latvian community, friends of Latvia and foreign diplomats attended the screening.

Apart from the screening of the film in Brno, the Ambassador and the director met students of the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University. Students had the opportunity to learn more about Latvia, Latvian cinematography and a special programme for funding of Latvian Centenary films, as well as about the process of this film’s making. Students were particularly interested in director’s work with children and in use of special effects. It was a also an exellent opportunity for students learning Latvian to test their language skills in practise.

The screening was a part of the Centennial program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia.