Ambasador Iveta Šulca visits Příbram

13.10.2005. 12:10

In response to the invitation of the local municipality, the Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia to the Czech Republic Iveta Šulca visited the city of Příbram. During the visit, Ambassador Šulca visited Vojna memorial of the concentration camp of the communist regime, as well as the location of the last battle of the World War 2, where the action continued on 11 and 12 May 1945 after the formal ceasefire was announced.

The Ambassador also visited the Antonín Dvořák museum, dedicated to the well-known Czech composer, who incidentally composed his opera Rusalka at this location. At the end of the visit, the Ambasador attended the final concert of the Antonín Dvořák Music Festival. As a part of the visit, Ambasador Šulca met with local journalists, discussed possibilities of cooperation in the field of tourism as well as potential for cooperation between Czech and Latvian historians researching World War 2.

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