Embassy of Latvia participated in the Courland Festivities in the Town Náchod

20.09.2018. 10:54

On September 8, 2018 Deputy Head of Mission, Ms Rūta Radiņa attended the opening of the traditional Courland Festivities in the North Czechia town of Náchod. The festivities are organised in honour of a former Duke of Courland, Peter von Biron. After the dramatized performance when the Duke with his family appeared at the Náchod chateau courtyard, the Mayor of Náchod, Jan Birke, and the Chairman of the Bauska County, Arnolds Jātnieks addressed the Duke. Splendid and vivid dances were performed by the Bauska’s traditional dance group “Mēmelīte” (conducted by Ligita Irbīte).

It has been twelve years since these festivities were launched for the first time, established on the basis of the Czech historian Věra Vlčková’s research on the Duke of Courland and his family who resided in Náchod from the year 1792.