Latvian Ambassador in the Czech Republic joined the commemoration of the Roma holocaust in Lety

20.06.2017. 13:30

On 13 May the Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia to the Czech Republic Mr Alberts Sarkanis, together with his colleagues from diplomatic corp from the states of European Union, USA, Canada and Israel accredited to the Czech Republic, joined the commemoration of the Roma and Sinti holocaust in Lety. It was one of the Nazi concentration camps, where several hundred of Roma people were killed and even more were deported to Auschwitz, the complex of concentration and extermination camps.

The Chairman of the Commitee for the Redress of the Roma Holocaust Čeněk Růžička pointed out that in European historical memory a tragical holocaust of Jews is still remembered, but holocaust of Roma and other people tends to be marginalised. Up until now there are only several commemorative stones in Lety, however the Czech government intends to install a memorial appropriate in terms of recalling the tragedy that happened during World War II. The Ambassador has also visited a commemorative event at Mirovice cemetery where 156 Roma children perished in Lety are buried.