The film “Chronicles of Melanie” was screened and Significant Meaning of video Testimonies was pointed out at the Events against Totalitarianism in Prague

11.05.2017. 11:04

On 2 March as a part of the 11. year of festival Mene Tekel a Latvian evening was held. During the evening the Viesturs Kairišs’s film “Chronicles of Melanie” in was screened in the Ponrepo cinema. Audience also including  diplomatic corp attended this film’s, made in Latvian-Finnish-Czech coproduction, preview in large numbers. After the film the Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia Alberts Sarkanis and historian Lelde Neimane offered a wider historical outlook on tragic events in the history od Latvia and Baltic States in the middle of the 20th century – Nazi German occupation, Latvian citizens’ Soviet deportations to Siberia and other Soviet areas of that time.

On 3 March the conference “Word, its strength and abuse” devoted to communist totality took place in the Senate of the Parliament of Czech Republic. Lelde Neimane, Head of the Audiovisual Archive of the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, read a lecture “Power of Word through the Video-testimonies in the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia” during the conference, in which she highlighted that the video testimonies are authentic and personal stories about power, since the interviewed persons survived repressions. It bears testimony about events and people in totality, about humanity under inhuman conditions, about the power of spirit which cannot be destroyed by external violence. A collection, established in 1994, currently contains 2 301 video testimonies in total length of 4 141 hours and presents one of the largest contemporary collections of this kind in Europe.

Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia A. Sarkanis took part in the closing ceremony in an ecumenical mass led by Prague archbishop Dominik Duka in St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague.