Latvian Ambassador Alberts Sarkanis on the opening of 11th year of the International Festival against Totalitarianism “Mene Tekel”

11.05.2017. 11:03

On 27 February in the Church of Our Lady of the Snows at the opening of the international festival against totalitarianism Mene Tekel the Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia  Alberts Sarkanis stressed in his speech: “Next year both the Baltic States and Visegrad countries celebrate 100 years of foundation of their statehood or restoration of their independence as is the case of Latvia and Estonia. Flourishing national growth and democracy took place over the century as well as  during the decades spent, unfortunately, under the totalitarian regime. Also the Second World War, which plunged individuals, families and entire nations into tragedies and brought them to great feats, but at the same time to treachery and collaboration with authoritarian regimes, was caused by brown and red totalitarianism. In this part of Europe it was the Communist regime that claimed numerous victims and caused enormous  humiliation of people and destruction. Yet, activists of the Communist totalitarian regime have not expressed their regret, we have only heard a statement that ‘such was the era’. However, each era is created by people. Is it true, that totalitarianism – brown or red – has passed? Can we be certain its fire is not still smouldering under the surface, waiting for its opportunity? Everyone lives and experiences their own truth until the moment the just God judges it. It is not the right way to leave everything just in the past, to close our eyes, ears and our heart. It is right to understand and to forgive those who had lost their way, who were mislead or who were misleading, who were variously trying to escape with their lives and existence. Nevertheless, the history should not be neglected.” At the opening of the festival the Czech Minister of Culture Daniel Herman, the Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania Edvilas Raudonikis and the director of the Mene Tekel festival Jan Řeřicha gave their speeches.

On 2 March an evening devoted to Latvia was held. During the evening V. Kairišs’ film “The Chronicles of Melanie“ was screened. On 3 March on a conference “Word, its strength and abuse” in the Senate of the Parliament of Czech Republic Lelde Neimane, Head of the Audiovisual Archive of the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, read a lecture “Power of Word through the Video-testimonies in the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia”. The Senate of the Parliament of Czech Republic, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Prague City, the Institute of National Memory, the Prague Archbishopry as well as the Embassies of Latvia, Lithuania and Israel were among the partners and supporters of Mene Tekel festival.