At the Charles University in Prague a Dissertation from the field of Lettonistics was defended

17.06.2016. 20:09

On 16 June at the Institute of the Czech National Corpus of Charles University in Prague Michal Škrabal defended his doctoral dissertation from the field of Lettonistics named „Comparative aspects of Latvian and Czech lexicons: Materials for assembling a Latvian-Czech dictionary“. The dissertation’s advisor was prof. František Čermák, its consultant was Pavel Štoll and one of the opponents was Ojārs Bušs from the Latvian Language Institute of University of Latvia. It has been the third doctoral dissertation in the field of Lettonistics defended at the Charles University in Prague. At the moment M. Škrabal works on a comprehensive Latvian-Czech dictionary.        

The Ambassador of Republic of Latvia in Prague, Dr. Alberts Sarkanis, author of a Lithuanian-Latvian, Latvian-Polish and Kalupe subdialect dictionaries, attended the dissertation defense. H. E. expressed his satisfaction at the attention the Charles University in Prague traditionally pays to Baltistics and said M. Škrabal’s dedicated work may enrich Latvian and Czech mutual cultural heritage. So far the most significant comparable lingvistic work is Sandra Nikuļceva’s Czech-Latvian Dictionary (Čehu-latviešu vārdnīca, Česko-lotyšský slovník) published in 2006.